Photograms (also known as Silver Gelatin Prints) are a form of photography created and produced entirely in a darkroom studio. To make these, objects are placed on a sheet of photo paper, exposed to light by an enlarger, and developed with darkroom chemicals.

The prints that I made for class are meant to be representative of my journey with managing my ADD which I was diagnosed with in February. From top to bottom, you'll notice that the frames get less cluttered. In my second image, this shows when medication was introduced to me as well as when I began turning towards faith and music as a way to gain more comfort. The reason there are thumbtacks among the pills is to demonstrate the resistance I had at first against being medicated.

The final image shows what an ideal day would be like. You'll notice that everything in the frame is in order with the exception of one pencil. I chose this route because even on an ideal day, it's not all perfect.

This piece was a step out of my comfort zone because I haven't made myself vulnerable to many people in talking about my mental illness, but accepting that it's there has been part of the process of managing it. And now I'm thriving!